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Illuminati - Fact Or Fiction?


Greedy Green

The thought of the Illuminati as well as the " new world " Order is nothing new. The truth that believers claim these secret elites have been around since Ancient Babylon proves just how long individuals have worried about secret societies and corrupt governments. However with an upswing from the internet, increase of terrorism and economic meltdown, everybody is eliminating traditional political ideologies to acquire the notion that all Governments are corrupt and part of the same secret order .

Tucson Rap

The fundamental concept is the fact that through the entire ages 13 or more secret families have held the reigns over society by controlling the banking system, media empires, word government, sciences and health industry, in addition to hording ancient information and religions. It is claimed that these elites were the people of contemporary religion as a way to shut their victims minds to other possibilities, for the hidden truth.


When somebody is provided similarly info it's really a lot to digest along with a hell of a lot to show, but this mysterious idea has brought on the new life of its very own ad re-established itself being a fact based political ideology up against the current left/right regime. Instead of getting into to ancient orders, and occult undertones, today's activists focus on the things they can prove. At the forefront within the "info war" are the likes of Austin radio host Alex Jones that's anti-corporate media, and all out anti-establishment.


It is a fact that the key news channels are owned by corporate interests, it is undeniable fact that most president's have an overabundance "wall street" staff than true politicians, it's true that major currencies are printed and issued by private banks and not the governments, which is proven fact that certain interests get profits from war. Dig a bit deeper as well as the wealthiest and many powerful families on earth just happen to have interests in all these items and therefore are interconnected in some fashion. Some find it humorous, however it is another undeniable fact that 25 US Presidents matched to the other person and could be traced to various royal families and aristocracy.


When you're getting beyond the more accepted "here and now" political debate of your corrupt Marketplace Order, it takes you back to this ancient bloodline Illuminati dynasty and is also extremely interesting, whether fact or fiction.


It's alleged that in Ancient Babylon the rulers during the time (who claimed they descended from Gods) sent offspring to all corners with the globe to setup the royal families and non secular figures. These then controlled their given society under strict regimes and under false religion. Secret societies were then designed to hide true information regarding the origins of individual as well as the elites, and here citizens that would perform ruler's agenda were groomed and pushed into positions of power, so any freedom fighter could not reach the top power structure. They come up with money system that enslaves humanity today, and also have had there hands in the sides of each and every major war.

Post by undergroundilluminati (2016-11-12 09:25)

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